My bridal experience with Be Kayte Made was absolutely fabulous! Kayte is an amazingly talented makeup artist. Her knowledge of color and technique is apparent from the moment you sit down in her chair. She is a wonderful listener, working in the look you are going for with hints of her own signature artistic style. My entire bridal party, plus the moms, were in awe of not only Kayte's professionalism, but the skill in which she executed each of our varying looks. I HIGHLY recommend everyone Be Kayte Made!


You will not find anyone better than Kayte! She is an amazing make up artist and I couldn't have picked anyone better for my big wedding day. I truly felt like a princess. I owe her...big time! It is my opinion that every girl should be KayteMade at at least once in her life! Thanks again, Kayte.

Jessica I must confess.....I'm a BeKayteMade-aholic! Being KayteMade is always an amazing experience and I'm totally addicted! Kayte is an outstanding artist with a huge heart. From the moment I walk into her studio she makes me feel right at home and I always walk out feeling like a million dollars. The compliments I recieve are too many to even count and the confidence I have is through the roof. Kayte is there anytime I need her....and I do mean anytime! One experience I will never forget is the time Kayte got up at 6am to do my make-up before I caught an 8am that is dedication! I don't know what I would do without her......I even planned my wedding date to make sure she would be avaliable! Being KayteMade is the ultimate girly experience and I love it!!!!!!


You were a GODSEND, Kayte!  I've been telling everyone that I see how wonderful you really are. Jim couldn't believe all that you did for me, and I really really appreciate it...just because the wedding is over doesn't mean we're done, right? I truly feel that you are a friend.  I want to keep in touch!  I'm sure I'll be needing you again in the future. I'll talk to you later.


Working with Kayte has been both a pleasure, and rewarding. She not only inspires me creatively, but she enhances my portraits 10 fold, by making my clients look their absolute best. She has been a blessing and a rewarding experience. She is a professional in every sense of the word. With that being said, she is still a blast to work with, helping to break the ice with my newer clients !! She's so full of life, and a breath of fresh air to boot.


Kayte did my hair and make-up for my wedding. I was very impressed and felt like the most beautiful bride ever. My hair and make-up stayed flawless throughout the entire 6 hour event. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, but Kayte took in my personality, the style of my dress, and the entire theme of my wedding into account and came up with the perfect look.  How creative and professional is that?  My pictures turned out perfectly.  I couldn't have asked for a better make up artist on such a stressful and chaotic day.  Kayte stayed in the dressing room with me until I actually began to walk down the aisle!  How's that for dedication to the craft!  Thanks Kayte!


As a photographer I have an eye for details...good or bad. I always stress to my clients whether it be a high school senior or a blushing bride that good makeup can make or break your pictures. Kayte is the ONLY makeup artist that I ever recommend. I have used Kayte's services on more than one occasion, including the makeup for my own wedding, and I have yet to be disappointed with her work. Kayte is extremely talented, artistic and knowledgeable in her field-- she is also a lovely person who makes all of her clients feel at ease. Being 'Kayte Made' Is an experience that you wont want to miss out on.


If I used one word to describe Kayte it would be wonderful. Kayte did my make up for my wedding and she made me feel like a princess. Kayte is not only creative and a master at her craft she is also so sweet and professional. I have and will continue to tell all my friends about what a wonderful job Kayte does. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful and being Kayte Made is the way to do it.


The Kayte made experience is indescribable. Kayte not only makes you look breath-takingly beautiful, she makes you feel like the most incredibly sexy woman in the world. Kayte will make you feel right at ease. She listens to what you want, what you like, and she always put her twist on things, because she has the eye for it. I know Kaytes work, she did my make up a billion times in Environmental Science class in High School, I would trust no one but her to do my make up. She is by far the most talented make up artist I have ever seen. She has an eye for putting color combinations together. I chose to Be Kayte Made for myself, and I loved the entire experience. I had a blast, and I really felt by the end of it, that I could seriously live the rest of my life letting Kayte do my make up every day and have her take pictures of me. She makes it fun, adventurous, and glamorous. Be Kayte Made and feel the experience for yourself!